The Story 

Steel Cut Flowers budded as a product line during the covid-19 pandemic. These flowers and garden scapes show some more of the beauty of their creator in different metals and wood. These are long-lasting and can help bring warmth to a place setting or your favorite flower arrangement. 

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Personalized Flower Arrangement


  • Include these long lasting flowers where you would living flowers. 

  • Talk to some of the florist shops we sell with about adding them to event arrangements (see our florists here)

  • A gift to a special someone 

  • A treat for yourself in your living space 

  • Outdoor arrangements and baskets

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Care Instructions 

These flowers require the right amount of sun and correct soil type and don't forget to make sure they are.....wait, nevermind, these are steel.

That being said they don't require much care to maintain their beauty. However some preferences might be preferred, if there is a sharp point or edge simply use a nail file until soft. 

Like most metals if these are exposed to water or the elements they will rust or patina. 

How to Purchase

Beautiful long-lasting flowers