A Sweetheart Table That Goes Home With You

I hear from so many people that "they used to make furniture that lasted", and sadly that is the truth, "they" don't make furniture that lasts, but we do. You can run to ikea and grab a cool table, a furniture store or big box retail company could get you a great fit, but chances are it wont be the one you see your grandkids sitting at, right? Totally great for some purposes, but why not have a table with history to it? Imagine having a table that you ate dinner at with your husband for the very first time, that you get to incorporate that into your home and life and your grandchildren can hear about that point in time where it all officially began. It is a legacy, the story you are building day by day. We have 5 designs and an option for a custom table, whatever your heart desires, let's build some memories.

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